Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

RHI Alternative Fuels Division support clients in their gradual reduction of dependence on conventional fossil fuels, by producing cement through maximizing the use of alternative fuels, in an ultimate challenge cement producers pursue worldwide.
RHI Alternative Fuel Division through it’s diversified experience in design, engineering of cement plants, focus on Pyro-process optimization, supported by its cement plants operation and maintenance experience; has provided clients with unmatched support in their alternative fuels selection, treatment, dosing, and corresponding Pyro-process optimizations; satisfying all their needs.

RHI Raw Material Investigations & Mining Division Includes:

RHI Alternative Fuels Division scope of services

Extends up to complete responsibility for design, build, and operate contracts including alternative fuel supply including :

1. Assisting client in choice of best suited alternative fuel/combination to be used based on knowledge of fuels proximity availability and ability of clients‘ plant adapting to such fuels.

2. Project value engineering, environmental impact studies and carbon foot print reduction studies.

3. Sampling and testing of selected fuels including chemical analysis, moisture content and calorific value.

4. Study of selected fuels impact on clinker characteristics.

5. Modification of plant pyro-process, to maximize usage of selected fuel, while maintaining optimum plant operating efficiency.

6. Fuel substitution plan, and dozing percentages, also system commissioning support.

7. Alternative fuels quantities requirement calculations.