Engineering Services

Engineering Services

RHI Engineering Division provides complete range of engineering support services to all our valued clients; this includes full knowledge of most advanced process engineering, State-Of-The Art industry designs, diversified industry data base & no affiliation with any industry knowhow provider. RHI ensures its clients optimum, best suited project process and technology engineering the industry can offer.

Whether our client needs basic, detailed engineering or engineering review; we cover all requirements for green field, brown field, up grading and rehabilitation projects.


Civil & Structural Engineering Section:

  • Reinforced concrete structural design & detailing, structural steel design & detailing.
  • Existing structures appraisal, modifications design & retrofits.
  • Auditing & validation of design works.
  • Review and verification of mechanical-civil designs compatibility.
  • Site supervision and site quality control.
  • Architectural design.
  • Surveying and roads design works.

Process and Equipment Engineering Section:

  • Basic process design of equipment including crushing, pyroprocess, grinding, filters, etc.
  • Flow sheet.
  • Heat & mass balance.
  • Refractory and insulation material selection.
  • Basic and detailed equipment design.
  • Auditing, technical evaluation of existing plants, equipment, for retrofits, modernization, and upgrading projects.
  • Plants Engineering review and validation.
  • Plants optimization, improvement studies and engineering.
  • Start up and commissioning support.

Mechanical Engineering & Facility Design Section:

  • Plants engineering and general arrangements for new designs and existing systems modifications.
  • Piping network systems of industrial water, compressed air, fuel oil, gas, and fire fighting.
  • Transport and handling equipment design.
  • Auxiliary equipment sizing and selection.
  • Detail design of plate work for all equipments, ducts, and chutes.

Electrical Design Section:

  • Single Line Diagram (SLD) development.
  • Schematic and Wiring diagrams.
  • Specifications and evaluation.
  • Data sheets of electrical equipment.
  • Cables sizing, layout, and routing diagrams.
  • Communication and lighting systems.
  • Power management systems.

Instrumentation Design Section:

  • Instrumentation equipment specifications, data sheets & evaluation.
  • Logic / loop diagrams and termination drawings.
  • Hook-up and installation drawings.
  • Control room layout and arrangement drawings.
  • Panel specifications and arrangement drawings.
  • DCS and ESD specifications including programming and β€œFAT” tests.

Environmental engineering:

  • Environmental Emissions Assessment.
  • Emission reduction and control.
  • Filters upgrading, engineering and design.