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Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance division is one of RHI fastest growing divisions, with key projects across the region.

RHI O&M team applies State-of-The-Art industry management systems, targeting optimum plants performance, providing all clients with minimum, sustainable operating overall costs with complete control and flexibility in production planning.

Whether our clients need total responsibility for Operation and Maintenance Integrated Service (OMIS) or a limited Operation and Maintenance Technical Assistance (OMTA), RHI team of seasoned industry Operation and Maintenance professionals in committed to innovative, forward thinking and cost effective solutions ensuring optimum sustainable plants operation at all times.

RHI O & M (OMIS or OMTA) covers the following scope of work:

Phase I: Commissioning and Start Up Support:

Taking over responsibility of assisting new plants in the proper and timely completion of provisional acceptance, assuring client of plant compliance with contractual obligations and latest industry norms.

RHI scope of services for phase (I) includes supply of a cross-functional team of cement and power plants OMIS experts to act on behalf of owner in the following:

  • Ensuring testing, commissioning procedures, parameters and protocols are according to latest relevant industry standards.
  • Detailed review of Operation and Maintenance procedures, and manuals provided by equipment suppliers and contractors.
  • Punch list review and follow up.
  • Identifying potential sources of plant bottle necks, complications and inadequacies and with rectification recommendations to clients.
  • Taking over operation of completed portions of the plant.

​Phase II: Operation and Maintenance Integrated:

Taking over complete operation and maintenance of plant starting from plant hand over & KPIs’ provisional acceptance certificates.

RHI scope of services for phase (II) includes supply of a cross-functional team of cement and power generation experts to execute the following activities:

  • Complete plant technical management.
  • Health, Safety & Environment Management
  • Total quality control and laboratory management.
  • Clinker and cement production in accordance with agreed on production plan.
  • Implementation of advanced maintenance procedures.
  • Carrying out Planned Shutdown based on a jointly approved maintenance plan.
  • Spare parts supply, control, and management.
  • Optimum utilization of plant resources and utilities.

RHI will follow KPI agree upon with the client including the following:

KPI’s for Production:

  • TPD / TPH
  • Raw Mill residues
  • Clinker Free-lime
  • Kcal / Kg Cl
  • Cement Blaine / Residues
  • Kwh / Tn

​KPI’s for Maintenance:

  • Reliability %
  • No. of Stoppages
  • MTBF
  • Maintenance Cost V/s Budget

KPI’s for Safety:

  • Lost time Injury.
  • First Aid Injury.
  • Near miss.

Phase III: Plant Continuous Improvement During OMIS:

Study plant KPI’s and compare it with the international levels to establish continuous improvement plan of all operations, resulting in optimum operating costs and maximum production efficiency of entire plant.

RHI Scope Of Services For Phase (III) Includes:

During first months of plant operation, RHI “OMIS” team conducts a detailed assessment of all factors influencing the KPIs’ of each plant process and division as well as bottle necks and repetitive problems notes. Based on findings and using attained KPIs’ as a Bench Mark, RHI “OMIS” team establishes & implements a live document of continuous improvement and efficiency enhancement initiatives aimed at increasing plant productivity to an optimum sustainable level; while maintaining plants’ overall production costs at the optimum minimum sustainable possible.

Examples of Continuous Improvement Initiatives:

  • Value Addition Process Mapping.
  • Primary Cost Centers Analysis and Monitoring.
  • Electrical Consumption Analysis.
  • Process bottle necks.
  • Optimization of Energy Consumption Analysis.
  • Optimization of Thermal power Consumption.
  • Optimization of Air Flow Balance.
  • Optimization of Process Balancing.

Phase IV: Plant Handover:

Upon successful completion of OMIS contract term, RHI will hand over the complete plant to client, based on a jointly approved, seamless handover plan, with all plant machinery in good working condition.


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