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Our Policies

Our Policies



The RHI team is firmly committed to providing professional, integrated products and services to all our clients that conform to the highest international standards, and most stringent applicable regulatory requirements.

Our products and services are drawn from our relentless quest, for sustained customer satisfaction, through providing innovative, forward thinking, and cost effective solutions, converting knowledge into profitable growth to all our clients, suppliers and ourselves.

RHI staff shares the belief and commitment to quality, continuous improvement and sustained customer satisfaction.



Reliance Heavy Industries – RHI is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in Health, Safety and Environment “HSE”. We pledge to conduct our business in a manner that protects the Health and Safety of all our employees, clients, customers, and service providers working under our supervision or in our premises.

RHI strives to achieve HSE excellence through forward thinking leadership, of its management, implementing a HSE integrated management system approach, and maintaining complete compliance to RHI set policies and procedures.

The RHI management and full work force is committed to:

  •  Full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards and procedures.
  •  A strong belief that Safety, Health and Environmental accidents are avoidable and preventable.
  •  Promoting and maintaining a work environment in which each of us accepts personnel responsibility for our own safety and in which everyone is empowered to intervene to ensure the safety others.
  •  Promoting awareness of all RHI employees about HSE impact through providing technical, and operational safety training, focused on developing a culture of excellence.
  •  Monitoring and evaluating our HSE performance through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  •  Preventing pollution at our work sites and offices through the efficient use of energy and resources, as well as minimizing waste generation, and emissions.

Our commitment to this policy by RHI management and staff forms the foundation for our long term business success.



This policy is issued as a part of RHI’s commitment to its continuous efforts in maintaining and further developing its positive culture with respect to human rights and working conditions.

RHI Social Accountability Policy covers:

  • Health and Safety: RHI is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, in strict compliance with RHI HSE manual, as well as international applicable laws and Regulations.
  • Child Labor: RHI does not employ any personnel at an age younger than the legal age for employment in the country of operation.
  • Discrimination: RHI does not engage in, or support discrimination in hiring, compensating, accessing training, promotions or terminations of employment based on race, national origin, religion, disability or gender.
  • Freedom of Association: RHI acknowledges the right of all employees to belong, or not to belong, to a recognized Trade Union of the employee’s choice.
  • Harassment or Abuse: RHI assures that all workers are treated with respect, dignity and will not be subject to any physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment or abuse in connection with their employment.
  • Working Hours: RHI complies with applicable laws and industry standards of working hours in the relevant country of operation. In addition, workers will be compensated for overtime hours according to the legal country rate.
  • Wages and Benefits: RHI will pay workers for all earned wages abiding by the minimum wage law at the relevant country, as well as provide all legally mandated benefits.
  • Employee Grievance: RHI is committed to resolving, fairly any employee grievance as quickly as possible.

This Policy applies to all RHI’s employees, as well as all our service providers, suppliers and sub-contractors

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